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Joomla and Mambo are Content Management Systems that are used worldwide. These systems are an excellent foundation on which to build your website or intranet. These user-friendly CMS systems utilise a series of modules and components to allow easy page modification and control through the administration control.

joomla module development

Modules can be defined as a small snippet / element of information displayed on your website. This element can be set to be shown on single pages / multiple pages / all pages on your website. Modules can perform basic operations such as showing text entered by the website administrator through to advanced modules such as determining an items display based on the content, date or alphabetical characteristics. Other examples of modules are menus, polls, news feeds.

joomla component development

Components are a means of extending the functionality of Joomla. To best describe the purpose of a component, lets use a pre-existing component such as the Polls component as an example. This Component allows the administrator of the website to create a new poll with choices for the website user to choose.Once the poll is created you can display it on the website as well as, show the results of the poll once the website user selects their choice. The Polls Component will record the data in the backend of the site for the administrator to view and manipulate.

This is just one example of a component, however the possibilities are infinite. Other examples of components are banner management, shopping cart, office locater, forums and photo galleries to name a few. Maestro Production has vast experience in Joomla and Mambo component development, contact our Melbourne Web Design team to assist with your Content Management System needs.

web design & development

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