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audio production  

music production

Maestro Production, to the singers and bands offers the possibility of reserving the studio with a time frame along with all equipments, technique engineers and producer. Mixing and mastering according to the agreement can be included in every song.

To the artists is enabled to record voices in the special cabins for vocal, recording drums through electronic drums that studio possesses and as well other instruments such as: guitar, bass, keyboard etc, with different processors.

Studio reservation is made by hours for single songs or by days for entire album.

The recent albums in production are Diadema “Mbreti i Fundit” (The last King) and Toxin “Revolution”.

radio commercials

Maestro Production is capable to create texts for audio advertisements, record person’s voice who gives information, to select the music, to set the special effects at the appropriate place and on the end to mix and master the entire advertisement.

Technical engineers, scenarists and narrators have a warm relation that enables advertisement to be as possible as joyful for client. Advertisements will be ready for broadcasting in the radio, internet and other medias.


Maestro Production synchronizes artistic movies, documentary movies, broadcasts, advertisements and everything that should be translated from an original to another language. The perfect programs for this service assist that synchronization to be done quickly and results not to vary from the original.

Persons for synchronization might be offered by client, but also by our company with our cooperators.

special effects

Sound is fundamental to all mediums, whether in a music video or a feature film. Maestro Production offers a full range of post production services to ensure that your sound doesn't let you down. We also have the ability to work with music directors for tailored solutions.

High Definition
With everything now being released in HD, why should audio be any less. Our team of sound designers can mix, enhance and choreograph your audio arrangement in full 96 or 192 HD, providing a full and impacting sound to your target audience.

Dolby Digital
There is nothing quite like experiencing sounds for real. Maestro Production can capture this desire and make it happen using Dolby Digital surround sound encoding. With up to 5.1 channels of HD audio delivered straight to your audience, what could be more surrounding?

The Right Tools
At Maestro Production we use only the industry's leading audio platform - Pro Tools 8. With unbelievable power, harnessed by specialized technicians, your audio will be set to stun.

audio production

audio studio
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