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2D animation

Whether it’s an Adobe Flash website introduction, a widescreen broadcast television commercial or an animated eCard to send to loyal clients, our experienced vector animators can develop highly-professional, eye-catching digital art that is bound to pack a punch with your customers.

3D animation

Whether you require a photorealistic 3d production of your product or something more abstract, computer generated imagery and 3D animation open the doorway to create and develop anything you envisage - with our (or your!) imagination as the only boundary. Using state of the art 3d software that is used in feature films, video games and television productions we can create computer generated stills and animations around any subject matter you can think of.

Combine these with photo-realistic rendering solutions such as VRay, which mimics real light - and CG graphics can become a vital and important part of your project. Our 3d modeling and animation skills can also be used as part of a larger production pipeline by incorporating motion graphics techniques, they can be compressed and streamed from a website using our flash skills, or composited into live action footage.

Particle effects and realistic physics simulations are part of the modern 3d artists toolkit and our software is no exception. Whether you require water, smoke, fire, debris or any combination thereof, we can provide these solutions effectively and realistically.

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