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3D character design

We have significant experience in the 3D Character design and development of 3D Character models to depict your industrial plant based on specifications set by your blue print.

Maestro Production is quite experienced at turning complex and difficult to understand Character and Animation concepts into easily understood 3D animations and illustrations. Maestro Production welcomes the opportunity to create such complex 3D animations and illustrations in the 3D Character Animation domain.

With our in-depth experience, ability and resources, we provide you the complete 3D Character Animation structural design and detailing services to ensure a seamless visual impression of your plant.

Maestro Production process is completely customizable, and extensible architecture allows for absolute artistic freedom. Using high end systems and the latest technology, we are able to animate all objects, camera and light settings, backgrounds, fire, water and even clouds and fog in the atmosphere.

We can help deliver a show-stopping experience to your audiences by promoting your message with the familiar character and allow your production more freedom, creativity, and innovation.

3d character design


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